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Thousands of Einstein Documents Are Now a Click Away

on Donnerstag, 04 Dezember 2014. Posted in General Autograph News


Albert Einstein writing out an equation relating to the density of the Milky Way at the Carnegie Institute in Pasadena, Calif., on Jan. 14, 1931. Einstein left a scattered collection of letters, notebooks and diaries.
They have been called the Dead Sea Scrolls of physics. Since 1986, the Princeton University Press and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, to whom Albert Einstein bequeathed his copyright, have been engaged in a mammoth effort to study some 80,000 documents he left behind.

Einstein Manuscripts Sell in Excess of $1.2 Million

on Mittwoch, 18 April 2012. Posted in General Autograph News

Einstein Manuscripts Sell in Excess of $1.2 Million
Eclipsing the auction price of $1,050,000 achieved in 1987 for Einstein’s manuscript on the Theory of Relativity and $500,000 for the Einstein/Besso Manuscript, sold in 2002, Lion Heart Autographs sold on April 14, 2012, to an American collector for more than $1,200,000, over 110 pages of hitherto unknown Einstein manuscripts spanning a wide range of scientific subjects.

Lost Albert Einstein Manuscript Reveals Alternative Big Bang Theory

on Dienstag, 25 Februar 2014. Posted in General Autograph News

By Hannah Osborne

Albert Einstein once suggested an alternative theory to the Big Bang in a previously undiscovered manuscript.