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    Editors Choice

    Marilyn Monroe
    An exquisite photograph with impeccable provenance and a great cinematic association - inscribed by Monroe to the "Marilyn" that occasionally appeared on-screen to the viewers of River of No Return.

    5038693 -_1Signed vintage glossy photograph of Marilyn Monroe with her stand-in body double, Dorothy Skelton, on the set of River of No Return - the image shows the pair playfully posing together next to a spotlight, wearing identical costumes of jeans and floral-print blouses, with the scenery of their Jasper, Alberta, filming location in the background. Attractively double-suede-matted and framed to an overall size of 15,75 x 17,75 inch, with overall creases smoothed such that they are hardly noticeable from distance - in fine condition. Provenance: Consigned by Dorothy Skelton herself. Monroe injured her ankle during filming in Canada and was ultimately put in a cast, presumably making her body double an even more important asset to the filmmakers.

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    EDITOR'S CHOICE : Arthur Schopenhauer


    Document with autograph note signed (twice), 2 1/2 pages (both sides), 8,5 x 13,25 inch, Leipzig and Frankfurt am Main, 8.02.1859 - autograph note signed on June 6, 1860, in German, publishing contract between author Dr. Arthur Schopenhauer and bookshop F.A. Brockhaus in Leipzig ("Herrn Dr. Arthur Schopenhauer in Frankfurt a/M., als Verfasser an einem, und der Buchhandlung F.A. Brockhaus in Leipzig, als Verlagshandlung am andern Theile") - concerning the third edition of his main work "Die Welt als Wille und Vorstellung" (translated: `The World as Will and Representation`*), signed in black ink "Arthur Schopenhauer" - additionally sealed and signed by the editor in black ink, with a few mild stains, minor loss of text due to tear out (§ 4 first sheet), and two horizontal mailing folds with small tears to the edges - in fine to good condition. In parts: "„§ 1. Herr Dr. Schopenhauer ertheilt hierdurch der Buchhandlung Brockhaus das Verlagsrecht der um einige Bogen vermehrten dritten Auflage seiner in demselben Verlag schon erschienenen Schrift ... § 5. Die Buchhandlung ist berechtigt, die dritte Auflage von A. Schopenhauer`s `Die Welt als Wille und Vorstellung` bis zu der Höhe von 2250 Exemplaren zu drucken. § 6. Als Honorar sind für den Druckbogen ... drei Friedrichsd`or festgesetzt worden ..." Followed by an autograph note signed by Schopenhauer on the third page, 6.06.1860, agreement between author Dr. Arthur Schopenhauer and bookshop F.A. Brockhaus for a new edition of Schopenhauer`s `Grundprobleme der Ethik` (translated: `Basic Problems of Ethics`) - with same conditions as established in the preceding contract. "Die Buchhandlung Brockhaus u. Dr. Arthur Schopenhauer haben sich ... auch über eine neue Auflage von Schopenhauer’s `Grundprobleme der Ethik` geeinigt u. dafür die selben Bedingungen als geltend festgesetzt, welche im vorstehenden Vertrage ... niedergeschrieben u. von den Kontrahenten acceptirt sind. Diejenigen Exemplare von der alten Auflage der `Ethik`, welche bei dem Erscheinen der neuen Auflage etwan noch vorhanden seyn dürften, hat die Buchhandlung F.A. Brockhaus für ihre eignene Rechnung von der früheren Verlagshandlung anzukaufen. Frankfurt a. M. u. Leipzig. d. 6. Juni 1860. - Arthur Schopenhauer" *`The World as Will and Representation` is the central work of the German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer. The first edition was published in 1818/19, the second expanded edition in 1844, and the third expanded edition in 1859.
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