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The Manuscript Society's goal of establishing a comprehensive list of known facsimiles and copies which occasionally appear in the autograph market begins with these items furnished by Catherine Barnes and Joe Rubinfine. Additional items and images will be added as time permits and they become available.

Common abbreviations in this list include: ALS (autograph letter signed); LS (letter signed); ANS (autograph note signed); ADS (autograph document signed); AmsS (autograph manuscript signed); DS (document signed); TLS (typed letter signed); and TNS (typed note signed).

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Adams, John, ALS, Jan. 1756, to Mr. Jacob Bailey
Adams, John, ALS, Jan. 5, 1818 to Wm. Wirt
Albert, Prince of Wales April 8, 1853, to Frederick William Louis
Allen, Ethan ALS, March 6, 1779, to George Washington
Austen, Jane October 15, 1808 & May 29, 1811, to Cassandra Austen
Bismarck, Otto von November 20, 1867, also letters acknowledging birthday greetings
Bronte, Charlotte 1844-45, To Constantin Heger
Brown, John November 13, 1859 to Luther Humphrey & Statement of Dec 2, 1859
Bryan, W. J. quote from "Cross of Gold" speech signed
Buchanan, James circular letter signed to A. D. Mann, March 10, 1845,
Bunyan, John March 4, 1674, Warrant for his arrest
Burgoyne, J. ALS, Oct. 8, 1777, to Genl. Gates
Burns, Robert March 2, 1788, to Clarinda (Mrs. McLehose) signed "Sylvander"
Byron, George Gordon Lord April 27, 1819, to the editor of Galignani's Messenger
Chamberlain, Neville TLS, 19th October 1938
Charles II March 18, 1660, to William Belasyse
Charles II certificate of his marriage to Catherine of Braganza, May 22, 1662
Churchill, Winston S. Numeous short acknowledgements of various messages to him.
Clay, Henry National Song sheet with ANS to Wm. B. Bradbury
Clay, Henry ALS, 13 Sept 1842, to Jacob Strattan
Cleveland, Grover ALS, April 16, 1897, re: J. Sterling Morton
Columbus, Christopher December 27, 1504, to Nicolo Oderigo
Continental Congress DS by 28 members, Nov. 9, 1775. Resolution for secrecy
Coolidge, Calvin TLS, September 28, 1905, to Hon. Wendell P. Stafford
Coolidge, Calvin TLS, February 18, 1925, to Mrs. John D. Sherman
Coolidge, Calvin ALS, October 2, 1926, to David Lawrence
Coolidge, Calvin TLS, February 21, 1928, to Hon. George D. Pratt
Cornwallis, Lord ADS, Surrender at Yorktown 1781-articles of capitulation
Davis, Jefferson March 30, 1865, letter to Gov. Wm. Smith, Richmond re: Negro troops
Dickens, Charles ANS in text, Eighth June 1870, note about an order
Eden, Anthony TLS, December 21, 1948, to Mr. and Mrs. James S.P. Armstrong
Einstein, Albert TLS, January 3, 1948, to 'Dear Friend'
Elbert, Frederick February 9. 1923
Flagler, Henry M. TLS, January 27th, 1912, to Mr. Pappett
Fox, Henry March 9, 1762, to William Bunbury
Franklin, Benjamin ALS, Oct. 31, 1751, re: steel needles, lightning
Franklin, Benjamin ALS, April 5, 1774, to Cadwallader Colden
Franklin, Benjamin July 5, 1775, to William Strahan
Frederick I January 26, 1708
Frederick II October 13, 1777
Frederick-Wilhelm I November 18, 1728
Frederick-Wilhelm III October 3, 1820
Frederick-Wilhelm IV December 21, 1840
Garfield, James A. July 27, 1880, to Shober & Carqueville
Garfield, James A. Stamped signature on Executive Mansion card
Garrick, David October 29, 1767, to the Duchess of Portland
George V Autograph Message Signed, April 1918, address welcoming American troops
Gladstone, W. E. ALS, March 20, 1860. "If you think..."
Grant, U.S. ALS, May 24, 1861, to Col. L. Thomas
Grant, U.S. April 9, 1865, to Robert E. Lee
Grant, U.S. April 25, 1877, to Samuel Worthington
Greene, Nathanael ALS, June 14, 1779, to John Jay
Hamilton, Alexander ALS, December 5, 1791 to his son, Master Philip A. Hamilton
Harding, Warren G. April 27, 1900, to Alex Kirkadden(?)
Harding, Warren G. March 12, 1917, to "Dear Mac" (Malcolm Jennings)
Harding, Warren G. Signed copy of his Address at Republican Natl. Conv. 6/7/1916
Henry, Patrick ALS, Jan. 2, 1778, to George Rogers Clark
Henry, Patrick Partly printed DS, March 2, 1779, loan certificate
Hindenburg, Paul von April 9, 1915, postcard
Hindenburg, von ALS, 9 April 1916, thank you note w/translation
Hoover, Herbert TLS, August 22, 1935, to Mr. Van B. Partridge
Hoover, Herbert Signed Photo with Christmas greeting
Hoover, Herbert Signed Photo on horseback with Christmas greeting
Hoover, Lou Henry Signed Photo with two dogs, 1932-3
Howe, Julia Ward ALS, March 22, 1904, to Bishop McCabe
Howe, Julia Ward AmsS, September 1904, Battle Hymn of the Republic
Irving, Washington ALS, Dec. 12, 1857, to James A. Maitland
Jackson, Andrew ALS, May 1st, 1833, to The Revd. Andrew J. Crawford
Jackson, Andrew ALS, February 28, 1845, to Wm. B. Lewis
Jackson, Stonewall May 2, 1863, to Robert E. Lee
Jefferson, Thomas Partly printed DS, Mar 17, 1780 loan certificate
Jefferson, Thomas ALS, June 23, 1790, to Mr. Howell
Jefferson, Thomas ALS, Nov 27, (18)03, to (Craven Peyton)
Jefferson, Thomas 4-pages rough draft of the Declaration of Independence
Joan of Arc 1430, supposed note with signature
Joan of Arc March 16, 1430, to "dear and good friends" in Rheims
Johnson, Esther May 25, 1723, to Captain Dingley
Johnson, Lyndon Signed Photograph inscribed to G. Merle Johnson
Johnson, Samuel April 1, 1751, Agreement regarding the publication of The Rambler
Keller, Helen TLS, November 24, 1936, "The birds are gone."
Lafayette, Marquis de Asking for pardon of Louis XVI for helping the America colonists in war for independence
Lafayette, Marquis de February 19, 1779, to King Louis XVI
Lee, Robert E. ALS, 8 April 1865, to U.S. Grant
Lee, Robert E. ALS, 9 April 1865, to U.S. Grant re: suspension of hostilities
Lee, Robert E. ALS, 9 April 1865, to U.S. Grant requesting interview
Lee, Robert E. ALS, 9 April 1865, to U.S. Grant asking terms of surrender
Lincoln, Abraham ALS, March 7, 1843, to Friend Bennett
Lincoln, Abraham ALS, June 5, 1849, re: Genl. Land Office
Lincoln, Abraham Brief ALS, June 4, 1860, sending autograph
Lincoln, Abraham November 30, 1860, to A.H. Stephens
Lincoln, Abraham October 17, 1861, to Maj. Ramsay
Lincoln, Abraham ALS, Jan. 8, 1864, to Mrs. Esther Stockton
Lincoln, Abraham ALS, May 18, 1864, to 'Gentlemen'
Lincoln, Abraham DS, Oct. 10, 1864(printed date) "Thanks to the Ohio Volunteers"
Lincoln, Abraham ALS, November 21, 1864, to Mrs. Lydia Bixby
Lincoln, Abraham DS, Dec. 15, 1864, National Guard of Ohio Pvt. Albert McKnight
Lincoln, Abraham Thirteenth Amendment signed by Lincoln, Hannibal Hamlin & Schuyler Colfax
Lindburgh, Charles A. ALS, Nov. 23, 1927, re: the Playground and Recreation Assn.
London, Jack 4-typewritten pages, January 31, 1900, to Houghton, Mifflin & Co.
Longfellow, Henry W. ALS, March 13, 1882, to Mr. L. Reich
Louis XVI 1793, pleading for a 3-day delay in his execution
Louis XVI January 20, 1793, to National Convention(?)
Ludendorff, Erich October 5, 1903, postcard
Luther, Martin July 29, 1520, to Johann Lange
Marie Antoinette Note with thoughts for her children prior to her execution, 1793
Marie Antoinette Note before her death
McKinley, William TLS, March 31, 1900, to Allan C. Bakewell
McLehose, Clarinda January 31, 1788, to Robert Burns
Moore, Clement C. Autograph Poem Signed, March 13, 1862, 'Night before Christmas'
Mountbatten of Burma and Edwina Mountbatten, n.d., Christmas card signed by both
Napoleon 1815, after his defeat at Waterloo appeals to England
Napoleon July 13, 1815, Prince Regent of England
Napoleon April 16, 1821, lst codicil to his will
Nelson, Horatio October 19, 1805, to Emma Hamilton
Nelson, Horatio 1815, to Lady Hamilton on eve of Battle of Trafalgar
Picasso, Pablo January 6, 1949, Dear American Friend re: Spanish refugees
Poe, Edgar Allen Circular letter, November 1845, to William Green
Robespierre Unfinished signature (on Commune de Paris letterhead) dated 1794 w/blood stains
Robespierre no date, appeal to the people
Roosevelt, Franklin TLS, September 23, 1935, to Rev. Edward T. Theopold
Roosevelt, Franklin TNS, no date, thank you note re: election
Roosevelt, Theodore DS, Feb. 2, 1899, Membership of Naval & Military Order of the Spanish-American War
Roosevelt, Theodore TLS, April 6, 1900, to Morris Levy
Roosevelt, Theodore TLS, January 22, 1907, to Hon. Wm. H. Taft, Secretary of War
Roosevelt, Theodore ALS, July 13, 1910, to Capt. Foran, + ANS, admittance pass
Roosevelt, Theodore TLS, December 22, 1914, w/handwritten addition to Edward Breck
Roosevelt, Theodore TLS, April 15, 1917, to J.A. DuPuy
Sherman, William Tecumseh September 6, 1847, to John Burton
Slavery Auction broadside, March 5, 1833, Richard Claggett
South Carolina Secession Convention, December 20, 1860
Stanton, Edwin to George H. Boker re: Union League of Philadelphia
Stevenson, Robert Louis no date, to Mrs. Ehrich
Taylor, Zachary ALS, March 12, (18)50, to Hamilton Fish, Governor of New York
Tounson, Robert November 1618, to John Isham
Truman, Harry TLS, March 8, 1948, to C.M. Tremaine
Truman, Harry ALS, February 10, 1953
Truman, Harry Signature removed from 1972 cover commemorating the 25th Anniversary of United States Air force, matted & framed
Twain, Mark January 1, 1888, signed inscribed Compiler's Apology in 'Library of Humor'
Twain, Mark Cover page inscription of Mark Twain's Works limited edition.
U.S. Bill of Rights 1789, Printed facsimiles common
U.S. Constitution 1787, Printed facsimiles common
U.S. Declaration of Independence 1776, Printed facsimiles common
Washington, George DS, January 23, 1777, discharging the Philadelphia Troop of Light Horse
Washington, George LS, January 23, 1777, to the President of New Hampshire
Washington, George Letter 7 Oct 1779, to N. Greene, facsimile published in 1819
Washington, George ALS, October 7, 1779 re: penknife
Washington, George ALS, July 22, 1782, to Mrs. Stockton
Washington, George ALS, August 10, 1782 to Watson & Cassoul
Washington, George ALS, June 12, 1784, to James Madison
Washington, George April 14, 1789, to John Langdon, accepting the Presidency
Washington, George DS, July 31, 1790, patent - potash & pearlash
Washington, George LS, August 17, 1790 to the Hebrew Congregation in Newport
Washington, George September 24, 1791, to Jean Baptiste de Ternant
Washington, George ALS, 28 August 1799 to the Revd. Mr. Weems
Washington, George An expense account submitted to the government
Washington, George ALS, May 22, (17)82, to Lewis Nicola
Washington, George ALS, 25 Nov 1769, to Robert Cary & Co. in London
Wellington, Duke of 1815, informs a French General of Waterloo victory
Wellington, Duke of June 14, 1815, to Genl. C.F. Dumouriez
Wesley, Susanna October 25, 1732, to John Wesley
Wilhelm II, Kaiser January 15, 1919
Wilson, Woodrow TDS, November 29, 1918, To All the Four Minute Men of the Committee...
Wright, Orville DS, Feb. 28, 1908, US Army Signal Corps, order for flying machine

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